rQ b.v. was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam and focuses on high quality professional IT services. Currently we are situated in the heart of the Netherlands near the beautiful National Park De Hoge Veluwe. The year of establishment was a turning point for the role of ICT within the business landscape. No longer ICT was only seen as an ‘enabler’ for businesses. Industrialisation was being replaced permanently by Digitization. Modern business models began to develop explicitly around the opportunities and possibilities delivered by modern ICT technologies. Democratization, disruption, mobility, flexibility and continuity have been and will be key concepts and drivers. New revenue models are emerging as always-on, cloud services, datascience, blockchain, the internet of things and robotics evolve. It leads us to a significantly different world, a different way of thinking and working. For many companies, the distinction between business and ICT has already disappeared or this will happen in the near future. This requires a fresh new vision and is not just a threat. Above all it’s a chance. Born in this cradle, YrQ is not just an IT company. We are right in the middle and want to be your guide and anchor in this challenging and exciting new world.


Copright Rare Planetin our logo is the Loddigesia Mirabilis or the Marvellous Spatuletail. Distinctive for the special hummingbird is its extreme agility. The hummingbird is the true drone under the birdies because it is the only species which flies, besides forward, straight up-, down-, left-, right- and even backwards. True 100% 3D! Doing so they are fully focussed on their goal. Qualities which are indispensable in the new world. We recognize ourselves in it. We have a helicopter view and are not stuck in existing thought patterns. Creativity is our top priority and we are not afraid to land in the mud. A high problem solving ability is part of our DNA. What is good we cherish, what could be better we change. There is an English proverb saying: You’ll remember Quality long after price has been forgotten. And so it is! Quality is our core value. But what does Quality mean nowadays? Quality can be an empty concept. Not for us.


from an analytical background, the concept of ‘Quality’ is very clear to us. At it’s core it means to do ‘the right thing at the right time’ as accurate as possible and continuously. Transparent and verifiable. It’s as simple as that. “That sounds nice,” we can hear you think, “.. but what exactly is ‘doing the right thing’? That too is crystal clear to us. It is about creating serious added value (and not just economic). We develop intelligent IT solutions that appropriately address business and societal challenges.  We have a wide range of technological, social and organizational knowledge and competencies, decades of practical experience in various sectors, an extensive network to rely on and above all 100% dedication. Meanwhile, we keep a sharp eye on people, our planet and social responsibility.


Because we think that is what makes the difference. That is what we think is important in life. If it were not for people why else would we do it? And we only have one planet with which we need to be careful. Added value enables growth towards the future and should never be detrimental for future generations. Above all, we like to work on it together. Together we will make a difference!

By the way

we love good stories and for that reason the name YrQ is also inspired by the Yukon river Quest. This is the longest (715km) and most challenging river canoe and kayak competition in the world. This “Race to the Midsummernight Sun” is being organized every year on the wild Yukon River in NW Canada and Alaska. This competition is not suitable for windbags or faint hearted. In both cases, you have already lost before you even started. To compete you need to have a ‘winner’ mentality and be a ‘stayer’. You need to be well prepared, be in touch with the currents and make the right choices at the right time. That is the only way to success. In short, you need to be topnotch professional. Preparation, creative problem solving ability, agility and social skills. It is the stuff of good stories and describes YrQ all over. And we take pride in that. Do you recognized yourself too and want to know more? Then contact us quickly!

Raymond Ygosse
Raymond YgosseFounder, Director

Our Mission

Creating Value through Intelligent ICT

We want to create serious value for both private businesses and public organizations. We see intelligent ICT as central driving force of modern business and organization models and not as a goal in itself. We provide expert knowledge, competence, steer and guidance and we seek excellent quality. We are independent, open-minded and believe in strong longterm relationships.